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Founded in 1986, The Independent Craft Galleries Association represents the foremost Applied Arts Galleries in the UK that are not dependent on public funding.
The Galleries in the Association are elected for the quality of the work they show and the excellence of the way in which they show it. Generally they specialise in showing individual contemporary work from a broad spectrum of makers, but some are more specialised than others and there are some that show work in one specialised area only, particularly jewellery. The range of work is extensive and covers Makers in the various stages of their careers - from the up-and-coming to the well established and the internationally famous.

The work falls under the general heading of 'Fine and Applied Arts'. This covers a multitude of disciplines - from the work of Studio Makers to Fine Artists, Painters and Sculpters. Of particular prominence in many member galleries are (in no particular order):

  • Studio Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Jewellery
  • Furniture
  • Textiles

The type of work that each gallery shows is detailed on the individual page for each gallery, reached by using the selectors on The Galleries page. Alternatively, to see an alphabetical listing of all member galleries, click here.

In order to promote high standards of excellence, membership is only granted to galleries after election by current Association members. Only galleries elected to the Association may display the coveted 'Elected for Excellence' logo.

The criteria used in assessing galleries wishing to be elected to the Association include:

  • An exceptionally high quality and standard of exhibitions and work shown. A National and/or International View is expected in the selection of work that the gallery shows.
  • A high standard of presentation, display, support information and knowledge of the Applied Arts generally.
  • The gallery must be independent of ongoing public funding.
  • The gallery must have been trading for at least two years.
The Galleries Map is published every two years by the Association. The Map is available free of charge from member galleries and can also be downloaded in printable form from The Galleries Map page.
The Association's aim is to develop interest in the applied arts through the specialist independent galleries and we hope that this site will help you to discover the enormous depth and range of talent being promoted by the members of the Association.
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